HI-LEX is a leading supplier of innovative, high-quality electromechanical devices and control cables ideally tailored to customer needs. Through an extensive international network and advanced R&D capability, HI-LEX supplies major automakers with effective, efficient solutions to meet their needs.

Control Cables

HI-LEX Control Cables have been used as functional parts along with the evolution of the automobile. HI-LEX is trusted for its product durability, flexibility, and high reliability. The Company is actively engaged in R&D on systems that will make automobile driving experience more comfortable and safer, as well as improving the performance of control cables.

Window Regulators

HI-LEX produces over 10 million window regulators annually and continues to grow. Since our facilities mold the components used in the manufacturing of window regulators, HI-LEX maintains higher reliability and quality control. Semi-Automated and Automated assembly lines allow HI-LEX to provide cost advantages while maintaining superior products.

Power Lift Gate Systems

Hi-Lex produces both steel and plastic outer tube spindle power lift gate systems. Both single and dual power spindles are available to meet customer needs. Hi-Lex also has the capability to provide complete system integration:spindles, ECU, pinch strips, and kick sensor.

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