Our goal is to design and develop marketable products to enhance HI-LEX’s position as a global market leader of electromechanical systems

This is achieved through the use of 5 core competencies below:


Custom Solutions

  • Innovative staff, combined with 110 years of automotive development experience
  • Standardized designs facilitate concept flexibility



  • The use of six sigma for design
  • The voice of the customer is the foundation for system requirements development



  • Virtual product development enables minimal time to market and maximum first-time quality
  • Finite element analysis

(Component/sub-system/complete system => strength, fatigue, topology optimization)

  • Kinematic analysis

(System models quantify input & output requirements) 

  • Tolerance stack-ups

(Monte-Carlo, statistical, RSS methods ensure proper fit of components and clearances to surroundings)

  • Design & Process Optimization

(Mold flow, casting, extrusion, forming)

  • Gear design

(Optimize gear tooth profiles for strength and NVH)


Proof of Concept

  • Electromechanical systems go through rigorous developmental testing at HI-LEX world-class test labs
  • All prototypes, mechanical fixturing, and data acquisition systems are designed and built in-house
  • Failures are viewed as improvement opportunities and lessons learned experiences



  • Legal protection is required in order to ensure our position as a technology leader and to gain competitive advantages
  • Over 85 published US patents
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